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What People Are Saying

Curious about some of our past clients? Take a look at their experiences below.


About Nicole...

“Thank you so much for working with our little family. I see how important it is to have a good fit and you fit right in. You have an ease and patient way about you. Your support and kindness especially to T. has been amazing. We will miss you!”


“What a pleasure to work with you Nicole. You were so caring to our family. You are reliable, supportive and knowledgeable in infant development and care. You cared for us with such ease and confidence. After J. (my first child) was born I was depressed and anxious. This time with T. my experience has been completely different! It has been invaluable to have someone here who intuitively understands and tends to our family's practical and emotional needs. I feel so fortunate to have had you in our home. You are gentle and nonjudgemental. You respected our personal philosophies while being a confident guide. You will be missed!"


“Nicole, what a part of our lives you were! So many milestones reached in your presence, with G. and breastfeeding! We are forever grateful for your warmth, kindness, and wisdom. G. is thriving as well as he is because of you and all you imparted directly and indirectly. We will always be reminded of how sweet your relationship with G. looked to us--loving, protective and trusting!”


“Thank you Nicole for all your incredible support and love during this special, important and crazy time in my life. Your calm, easy style helped usher me into motherhood. Thank you!" 


“You gave me so much encouragement and validation. Thank you for playing so patiently with my toddler so I could be with my babies. You helped me with lifting the babies so I could recover from my injury and also helped me explore different baby wearing options for the twins. I really appreciated you coming with me to the breastfeeding support groups and helping me figure out good posture while nursing in tandem. Thanks also for always making sure I was drinking while nursing!”


"With you there we were actually able to eat dinner together as a family! You helped so much through the evening routine with the bath and bedtime. It was such a relief to know you were there."


"Nicole, you helped me so much emotionally, telling me I was doing OK and helping me feel normal and not like I was crazy! You also gave me so many helpful tips which I use everyday. You made me comfortable with breastfeeding; not only the latch but my positioning. I never knew how hunched over I was until you helped me!"


About Anita...

"Having Anita with us during our transition as new parents was invaluable. She was knowledgeable and loving to our son, caring and supportive of me as a new mom, and a huge support to our entire family during those first few trying months. Her passion for food and family was exceptional. We adore her and wouldn’t hesitate to have her with us again."




"I can’t express enough how supportive, nurturing and helpful Anita was during her time with my second child and our family.  She gave me such a sense of calm during what was an overwhelming time that came with many different emotions. You can tell she genuinely loves her clients and their babies!"


"Anita was a calm and welcomed presence after sleepless nights and early morning spit up episodes. Her empathy and validation helped me build confidence in myself as a new mom when my husband returned to work two weeks after our son’s arrival. Her knowledge, nonjudgmental stance, and gentle encouragement helped me make decisions that were best for us, including the decision to commit to breastfeeding (this wasn’t easy!!). Whether it was a healthy snack, the chance to shower, lie down, or good conversation, Anita made the foggy early days feel more manageable and less lonely. She fawned over my son like he was one of her own and he loooved the extra attention!"




"Anita was such an amazing doula and friend to trust with my newborn in the days and weeks after having her. Anita was a calming source for not only my baby, but for me too. She came in each day with a smile and the warmest energy, my entire family wanted to be around her. She took such wonderful care us and I am certain that those first three months were made easier by her help and support."




"As a first-time mom it was so helpful to have Anita's doula support. Her weekly visits were a respite from the demands of motherhood during the newborn stage. She always helped lighten the physical and mental load by sharing her expertise, and giving me space to process/talk about my experience having a baby in the NICU. I fully trusted Anita to tend to my baby so that I could sneak in a nap or shower in order to recharge.

I could not have been happier with her!"


"Anita came to our family during a very special yet challenging time in our lives. She was always patient, caring and understanding of my needs from day one. Extremely professional, reliable and highly efficient. Words cannot express my gratitude towards such an amazing woman. It is evident that she is passionate about helping others. Anita is not just a doula, she became a family friend. I highly recommend her services."




"Anita was a huge help for me after giving birth to my son. Especially because I don’t have my family near to help. She kept me sane. Just with the simple things like bringing me lunch or listening to me and giving advice when I needed it. She is the best!"


Additional references available upon request

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother"

New mom and baby

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