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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a trained and experienced individual who supports women by helping them feel less overwhelmed and who want to find more peace and joy in their transition to motherhood! Technically we are professional support people who are trained to help not only the baby, but the family as well, in the days or months after birth. Doulas bring a sense of calm while providing education about infant care, like how to burp and bathe your baby. They offer support by  looking after your newborn so you can rest and recharge, knowing your little one is in good hands. They also offer practical help with baby laundry, dishes, meal planning and errands. Essentially, doulas mother the mother so she can nurture and bond with her precious new baby. To learn more specifics click here.

What is the difference between a doula and a baby nurse?

A doula supports the mother so that she can support and enjoy her baby. A baby nurse is there to solely take care of the baby. While a doula may often care for the baby, it is in tandem with the mother and family. It is a team approach. A baby nurse will hold your baby, bathe your baby, change your baby and feed your baby. But a doula will support the mother in exploring her new role and help her to mother more effectively.

When and how often do you come?

Doulas schedules are customized and vary depending on the needs of each family. Typically most families start with lots of help and then gradually taper off. In the first few weeks a doula might come anywhere between 3-4 days/week for 3-8 hours/day. After the first few weeks and the family has settled in a bit, doulas may come 2-3 days/week for 3-5 hours/day. But again, it varies and each family is different. Postpartum doulas work with families to ease their transition through the fourth trimester. After baby is about three months old a doula will line her family up with needed resources and wish them all the best as they continue on their journey!

Do you have a particular parenting style that you follow?

Yes, yours! A doula is there to nurture, guide and support YOU. We are there to help YOU figure out YOUR parenting style! Each baby and family we work with is different. There is no one style or philosophy that works across the board. We are there on the journey with you as you figure out what feels best.

My mother is coming. Do I still need a doula?

Let us just start by saying it takes a village. Today I worked with a family whose mother (the grandmother of the baby) was in town. Grandma cleaned the dishes, washed all the bottles and cooked up a storm while I gave a bottle, held and soothed baby. Mom (the mother of the baby) slept for 2 hours straight. When she woke up all was well in the world! It's great to have lots of family support when you bring your little one home. Care from friends and family can be invaluable. A doula will still be incredibly helpful.


A doula can enhance this time for you and your family.  Well-intended family often share what they know best but it may not be what is right for you and your baby. It is important for you to remember what is best for you in these first few weeks. Your doula can help to sift through this by refocusing you so you can rest and relax.  With your doula there by your side, you and your family can enjoy a smooth visit. 

Is there anything a postpartum doula doesn't do?

A postpartum doula doesn't do things that don't have the sole purpose of supporting mom, family and baby. If it supports mom, family and baby, then consider it something your doula will do!

Can you tell me about pricing and scheduling?

Doulas are paid on an hourly basis with a two hour minimum. Because no two families are alike hours can vary greatly. Scheduling is done on a first come, first serve basis and is flexible week to week. Advance scheduling is recommended. All families are offered a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and to make certain it is a great match with your doula. Please contact us for availability and specific rate information. 

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