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Nicole Wagner, LCSW, PCD (DONA)

I created Westchester Doula Care in 2012 with the intent of honoring what I truly believe to be one of the most spectacular times in a family's life. After having the amazing, life changing experience of naturally birthing both of my beautiful daughters, it was clear to me that I wanted to nurture and guide other new parents. However, my journey certainly did not start there. This journey started long before I even knew it. Having been raised by a mother with a chronic illness, I was a caregiver at an early age. As this was the role I felt most comfortable in, I naturally gravitated toward Social Work as a young adult.  I received my Masters in Social Work from Hunter College in 1998. I worked with children and families for 15+ years at a non-profit organization based in NYC dedicated to helping families navigate their way though the public school system. I created curriculum and trained schools in peer mediation, conflict resolution, self-care, environmental impact, leadership and community building. I met with children and their families individually and in groups. I saw each child as a whole, considering their social and emotional well being, assessing and providing whatever services necessary to allow each child the opportunity to succeed.

The true, authentic relationships I created became key to building my most fulfilling experiences. From this and after becoming a mother myself, my natural caregiving role found its new place. I was certified by DONA as a postpartum doula in 2012 and from my very first client I knew this was a great match. I am fortunate to pair my Masters in Social Work with my postpartum doula training. It best utilizes me as a caregiver and support person. Currently most of my time is as a therapist at Lotus Psychotherapy supporting women individually and through group work. I specialize in maternal mental health including anxiety and depression, trauma, parenting issues, feelings of being stressed, loss/grief and life transitions. I cherish the opportunity to help others. I live with my husband and daughters in the beautiful Hudson River town of Tarrytown, New York.

Nicole and daughter
Postpartum Doula and baby

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A Bit About Anita

Anita McGovern, PCD (DONA)


My path to becoming a postpartum doula became clear once I began reflecting on my own life. I realized that as a result of my own personal experiences, I have the ability to provide support and

empathy to new parents as they navigate the many emotional and physical challenges of parenthood. I hold a degree in communications and my career in broadcasting and advertising was satisfying but short-lived. I recognized early on that connecting with people on an intimate and emotional level was most important to me. I am a caretaker by nature. The dynamic of my family has directly impacted the levels of support I bring to my doula practice. I experienced many different challenges while forming my family and understand and appreciate how precious the parent-child bond is.

My personal experiences include bed rest during pregnancy, premature deliveries, C-section and VBAC, an extended NICU stay, and adoption. All have contributed to the reason I chose to develop my career as a postpartum doula. What I learned was that regardless of how your baby comes into your family and home, there are many ways to ensure your connection and

bond. Encouragement, support and love were central to nurturing that bond. Each addition to our family presented a new experience that required adjustment, and different bonding exercises and understandings. Today, my children are adults, and our family is a wonderful mix of amazing individuals that together forms a strong and loving whole. It is paramount for me to be able to provide a calm support for new parents, which allows them additional emotional space and energy to be the best parents that they can and want to be. This support allows new parents to focus on their baby and to define their roles as parents. This is such an important development in the early days of parenting. I feel so fortunate to be able to witness new parents grow from being unsure and nervous to confident in such a short period of time.  These days I share my time between doula work, and farming at an organic vegetable and flower farm. I find this balance of nature and nurture suits me best since it is the ultimate combination of what’s most important to me.

I am a Certified Postpartum Doula through DONA International. I live with my family in

Tarrytown, New York. I look forward to supporting both birth and adoptive families!


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Westchester Doula Care

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