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Postpartum care is about creating an

environment which supports your baby and you. Having a postpartum doula will provide opportunities for physical and emotional nourishment as you bond with your baby and come into your new role. A doula

will ease the transition home for the entire family.


  • assistance with basic baby care

  • help with breast and/or bottle feeding

  • a nurturing extra set of hands to hold and care for baby

  • tips and tricks for soothing, sleeping and feeding

  • unconditional and nonjudgemental support

  • light, healthy meal preparation and planning

  • guidance in connecting with your motherly instincts and learning more about your baby's needs

  • light housework, dishes and baby laundry

  • assistance with baby organization

  • pick up service for diapers or food essentials

  • accompany you to appointments such as pediatrician or lactation consultations

  • wonderful and carefully chosen resources to get you going in the right direction

Postpartum Doula and baby

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consider postpartum care

Postpartum Support
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Due to the spread of COVID-19, Westchester Doula Care will additionally offer virtual services. In-person visits will be made on a case by case basis and according to state and local guidelines. 


What can you gain from a virtual visit from a doula? Guidance and support regarding everything baby. We will review the basics of baby care, bottle and/or breastfeeding as well as sleeping and soothing techniques. We will explore what it means to be a mother and ways in which you can best take care of yourself and your family. A doula will provide unconditional support, nurturing and guidance and a wealth of reliable and well chosen resources. We will help you navigate your new world as you transition into motherhood during these unprecedented times.

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Group Support

Connect with other mothers as we gather to embrace the breadth of experiences that shape and define your new role. Gain perspective and insight as you learn to be present for your baby and the qualities that are unique to them. We will touch upon issues related to feeding, sleeping, soothing and playing, as well as maternal self-care.  The group provides a place to explore who we are as new mothers and discuss the feelings which are universal in nature and are part of the new motherhood experience. Our goal is to create community and to feel validated and empowered as this new chapter of your life with baby begins.

This group is facilitated by Nicole at Lotus Psychotherapy

For more info on groups click here

Moms Support Group

is currently on hold

Moms Group

"Having a baby is like having your heart beating outside of your body"

"And suddenly you were my everything..."

Westchester Doula Care

embraces all race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age,

disability, marital status and sexual orientation.

 Services Available Virtually and in person

inquire now to find out about your insurance benefits 

Individual Therapy

Westchester Doula Care offers individual therapy services through Lotus Psychotherapy in its

Westchester and NYC locations. Our therapists are seasoned mental health professionals and are humanistically-oriented. With compassion, Lotus specializes in treating life transitions, relationship challenges, family and parenting issues, depression, anxiety, stress, loss and life change. Individual therapy aims to provide a calm and comfortable space to unpack the everyday stresses in life while learning to tune into our true inner selves as guides in transition and change.

This exploration of self creates clarity which allows us to function from a more

authentic and centered part of ourselves as opposed to a reaction based self. 

Through the use of a wide range of tools we help you to reach your own capacity to move towards health and enhanced personal well-being. Our therapists are trained in DBT and Complex Trauma and incorporate many modalities including mindfulness, parts work (IFS), 

therapeutic art exercises and EMDR. 

Click here to explore more about individual support


All groups are

currently being conducted 

virtually. Individual therapy support is now offered virtually and in person in our Westchester offices. 

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